All Politics is Local

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Local isn’t just what happens on your street. It’s what happens to your street. Congress touches all of our lives.

Capitol News Connection is the only source for original watchdog reporting from Congress on issues impacting you and your local community.

Your eyes and ears in the nation’s capital.

CNC brings politics, policy and important issues home to 3.1 million public radio listeners in 200+ markets – on air and online – with exclusive, interactive and multimedia journalism on the local impacts of national policy making.

Behind the scenes, between the lines…and beyond the spin.

Bad decisions get made when no one is watching, and that’s why our reporters ask the tough questions no one else is asking – and tell the stories no one else is telling. We shine the light of transparency on the political process with non-partisan accountability journalism on the important issues, deals and delegations, policies, personalities and power-plays that impact you where you live and work.

Interactive news Americans can’t hear, read or watch anywhere else.CNC reporters follow your delegation: What are they doing (or not doing) all day? Who are the lobbyists lined up outside their offices? We read the fine print in each bill. We follow the money. We report on how decisions made in D.C. impact you at home.

Our Mission

Supporting an informed democracy by ensuring voters are engaged and lawmakers are held accountable.




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Capitol News Connection is emerging as the only source for trusted, original investigative journalism on how the U.S. Congress impacts you where you live and work – with balanced, engaging, in-depth multimedia coverage you just cannot find anywhere else. We give you a powerful voice, an interactive platform to help set the news and policy agendas via Ask Your Lawmaker.