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Moon: North and South Korea agree to seek to host 2032 Olympics

North and South Korea have reportedly agreed to jointly seek to host the 2032 Summer Olympics, a significant development in relations on the Korean peninsula.South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may seek the Olympic…

Romania to vote on gay marriage ban

Romania has reportedly set a date for the first week of October for a referendum meant to prevent same-sex marriage by changing the nation’s constitutional definition to state that marriage is a union between a man and a woman.The…

Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie aren’t gay

Sesame Workshop on Tuesday clarified that characters Bert and Ernie from the nonprofit organization’s children’s show “Sesame Street” are not gay because they have no sexual orientationSesame Workshop wrote on Twitter…

Adam Rippon donates Olympic figure skating costume to Smithsonian

U.S. figure skater Adam Rippon donated his costume from the 2018 Olympic Games to the Smithsonian American History Museum.Rippon — the first openly gay athlete selected to a U.S. Winter Olympic team — tweeted on Monday about dropping off the …

For Poland, a time for justice

Poland suffered greatly during the Second World War and its aftermath. According to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, it is estimated that the Nazis killed at least 1.9 million non-Jewish Polish civilians and at least three million Polish Jews….

Congress has a chance to improve insurance options for people with kidney failure and help fund opioid crisis treatment

Taking a powerful jab at two devastating health crises at one time seems like a smart move. Kidney disease threatens the lives of more than 703,000 Americans with kidney failure—an 80 percent increase since 2000. With more than 10,000…

Pavlich: Congress’s move on DACA

Much is being made of President Trump’s decision to end former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).Those in the New York and D.C. media bubbles are outraged and have classified the move as heartless, unnecessary, immoral…

Mellman: Don’t bet on better numbers

Desperately trying to quell the panic growing in their guts and in their ranks, Republicans are spinning themselves dizzy trying to explain why President Trump’s approval rating will improve before the midterm.Their desperation arises from the…

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