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Bipartisan briefing to be held on ‘Spygate’

Most GOP senators have been purposefully avoiding the campaign by Donald Trump and House Republicans to trash the FBI.

Kushner’s attorney switches firms

News site hires lobbyist to work on Facebook 'censoring' conservatives

Playbook: Ryan and McCarthy head to Houston

They are participating in fundraisers for Protect the House and the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Blame game

Do you think President Obama and his policies are to blame for the loss Democrats faced on Nov. 4?

Yes : 8427
No : 5794
Not sure : 303
Total Votes: 14524

Working relationship

Do you think Washington works better when one party controls Congress while the other controls the White House?

Yes : 6377
No : 10534
Not sure : 1575
Total Votes: 18486

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